About Us

711 Possum Removal Melbourne: The Possum Saviour

711 Possum Removal Melbourne, with a team of local certified possum catchers, we study the severity of the infestation and remove the possum, without hurting them. This company is a leader in the possum removal industry in Melbourne and its suburbs. Our target is to help people live peacefully when they feel danger from possums. 

Our Exceptional Possum Removal Melbourne Services

Being in the business for over two decades, we can comprehend the needs and requirements of our clients and cater to all their demands with our flawless services and professional support. We are solely committed to making our clients happy by delivering the exact services they seek. 

  • Dead Possum Removal
  • Same-Day Possum Removal
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection
  • Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Backyard Possum Removal
  • Emergency Possum Removal

711 Possum Removal Melbourne is dedicated to offering a comprehensive possum removal service that involves everything starting from addressing the source of the infestation to chalking out a foolproof plan to remove the marsupials guaranteeing a long-lasting result. We even employ preventive measures to prevent further infestation possibilities. We usually undertake a four-step possum removal program that involves:

● A thorough inspection

● Customised possum removal solution

● Complete cleanup and sanitation

● Implementation of preventive barriers 

We Operate With Safe And Up-To-Date Possum Removal Equipment

We never disobey the state policies. Thus we mainly opt for chemical-free possum removal methods. From setting traps, and installing possum boxes to sealing the entrance points, we incorporate all the safest methods to eliminate the possums from your property. In order to deliver you the most seamless service, we keep ourselves updated with state-of-the-art possum removal techniques and equipment. We offer a follow-up service to ensure our pre-planned possum control solutions have shown effective results. 

Eco-friendly Possum Control Approaches Are Our Choice

The approaches we usually take on to make your premises possum-free are safe for the environment. Neither it deteriorates the quality of the air inside your home nor does it do any harm to your family members, pets, or the possum itself. With a very gentle manner, we remove the possums from your home, and during the treatment, we also make sure that your daily errands remain undisturbed.

Professionally Trained And Licensed Possum Catchers

While selecting our team members we run a background check on every candidate. Not only our team members are professionally trained and APCA and TAFE certified but also are courteous and well-mannered. In fact, they possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry and come up with the best possible solutions every time. We serve both commercial and residential societies.

Reasonably Price Charts With No Hidden Cost

After assessing the severity of the infestation, we provide an onsite upfront quote that is reasonable and free from all kinds of additional and hidden charges. We keep our payment procedure completely transparent to gain the trust of our clients.

Have A Completely Hassle-Free, Convenient, And Professional Possum Removal Experience 

At 711 Possum Removal Melbourne, we keep the value of your time and money and equip you with the best possible service. From responding to your calls and queries promptly to offering you same-day service in case of emergencies, we assure you of a seamless experience. Our professionals provide you with detailed information explaining the requirements of the treatment duration, follow-up services, and post-possum removal practices that keep the pest away in the future.