5 Best Possum Repellers In Australia

5 Best Possum Repellers In Australia

Possums are one of the many species of wildlife that often intervene in human dwellings. Thus it’s usual for house owners to deal with the problems with these hairy animals entering their land. In addition to spreading disease, possums may harm gardens, roofs, and electrical lines. While there are several techniques to keep possums away, using ultrasonic possum repellers is one of the more successful ones. Possums avoid the place because of these gadgets’ high-frequency sounds since they are unpleasant to them. We’ll look at the top 5 possum repellers including ultrasonic pest repellent. Hopefully, you can find a viable solution for possum removal, but if not, consider hiring professional experts to take care of the job.

Why You May Need Possum Repellers In Australia

  • Possums may harm gardens by devouring flowers and produce.
  • By building their nests in them, possums can harm roofs and electrical wires.
  • Leptospirosis and salmonellosis are illnesses that possums may spread.
  • Possums may be annoying and loud, particularly at night.
  • Possums can draw other parasites like ticks and fleas.
  • Australian legislation protects possums, so it’s necessary to keep them away while preventing injury.
  • Possums may be kept off your property in a humane manner by using ultrasonic possum repellers.
  • Possums are scared away from an area by the high-frequency sounds that ultrasonic possum repellers generate.
  • Possum repellers that use ultrasonic technology are simple to install and need little upkeep.
  • Comparing the cost of using possum repellers for removing 1-2 possums to other options like employing a pest control company, they are a more affordable option. 

If there are a huge population of possums around your property, don’t hesitate to call professional possum catchers. 

5 Best Possum Repellers In Australia

Here are the 5 best possum repellers used in Australia. Use them and keep the possum population under control. 

1. Motion-Activated Sprinkler 

In Australia, using a motion-activated sprinkler to keep away possums is a common and successful possum repeller technique. These gadgets function by spotting possum movement and releasing a quick jet of water to startle and scare the animals away. The sprinklers often include sensors with infrared wavelengths that can recognise animal heat and movement. A monitored stream of water is sprayed by the sprinkler when the sensor detects the presence of a possum.

The possum is not only frightened by this, but it also develops an aversion to the place; which motivates them to look for different areas. Motion-activated sprinklers are a safe and effective technique. And, by using this type of motion technique, you can prevent possums from entering gardens, lawns, or other places. They are also compassionate and ecologically beneficial for possum control.

2. Possum Spikes

Possum spikes are an effective and compassionate way to prevent possums from entering specified locations. These spikes are intended to make climbing or perching on fences, rooftops, ledges, or other structures difficult for possums. The spikes are made of sturdy materials like plastic or metal and have pointy points; that make it difficult for possums to get a firm footing.

Possum spikes are a reliable long-term solution that protects property and lessens the risk of damage from possum activities. They do not kill possums and just block their access to certain locations so that you can save money from expensive possum control services.

3. Possum-Proof Netting

To prevent possum damage to gardens and plants, possum-proof netting is an efficient solution. Possums cannot access the plants because the netting is constructed of sturdy material and have tiny openings. You can frequently cover all vegetable patches, fruit trees, and other exposed places outside.

Possums cannot access the target plants or the product because of the physical barrier created by the netting. The netting’s efficacy depends on proper possum deterrent installation and tight installation and security. 

4. Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

For homeowners wishing to keep possums off their land, the Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller is a reasonably priced choice. Possums, as well as other animals like cats, dogs, and birds, find the high-frequency noises that this gadget creates to be repulsive.

With a solar panel for charging and a range of up to 9 metres, this type of possum repeller eliminates the need for batteries or energy. It may be used both inside and outside and is resistant to weather. A 12-month warranty is included with the Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller.

5. Pestrol Possum Repeller

When homeowners want to keep possums away from their property, they frequently use the Pestrol Possum Repeller. Possums are driven away from the place by this device’s high-frequency sound; which is unpleasant to animals but inaudible to people.

The Pestrol Possum Repeller is appropriate for outdoor usage because it has a waterproof design and a range of up to 25 metres. It also has a solar panel for charging, so no batteries or energy are needed. Easy to install and backed by a two-year warranty, the Pestrol Possum Repeller.


Possum repellers are reliable ways that you can use to keep possums away from your property without hurting them. By making an investment in a general possum repeller and ultrasonic possum repellers, you may protect your home. You can be successful in possum prevention and take pleasure in a possum-free environment. But it is highly advised that if there is a huge population, call a professional possum control company