How Do I Seal Up Entry Points For Possums?

How Do I Seal Up Entry Points For Possums?

For people who are commonly experiencing problems with possums be it possum invasion into their properties or disease transmission, many ideas are there to fix the problem. So, if you are planning to seal possum entry points, you need to first identify them and act accordingly depending on the location of entry points. In fact, sealing possum entry points prevents possum infiltration into your place and saves you from the hassle of possum removal repeatedly. A few such ways to prevent possum entry are possum-proofing cracks and openings, checking wildlife access points of possums and sealing them. So, see more of such ways on how to give your home possum protection. 

Seal Different Entry Points Of Possums In The Way We Mention Here

Even before you start on how to seal up entry points for possums, there is an important and prior step that you should never miss to implement. That is, to identify possum entry points and this involves a detailed property inspection. While inspecting, you can find a few possum entry points like gaps in walls, damaged shingles, vent cover openings, seals around windows, etc. Keep reading to know these few entry points of possums and a few more. We explained them in detail and how you can seal possum entry points. 

Sealing Exterior Openings 

An effective way to protect homes from possums is to seal the exterior openings as these are the common entry points of possums into your homes. There are some materials that upon use create a robust barrier between your home and possums that plan to enter your place. You can use some materials such as caulk, wire mesh, steel wool and a combination approach. See how these materials help in preventing wildlife intrusion. 

  • Caulk- You can use it to seal small gaps in walls, cracks, and breaks in pipes. One of the best caulks you can count on is Silicon caulk. 
  • Steel Wool- By stuffing steel wool in wall holes, cracks and gaps, you make entry to possums a difficult task because they cannot chew steel wool because of its abrasive texture. 
  • Wire Mesh- To cover larger openings, it is advisable to use a durable material like wire mesh as this tightly secures the openings. 
  • Combination Approach- For effective ways, you can even go with a combination approach where wire mesh is used to cover large openings and caulk the area to seal it. 

Install Chimney Caps

Another DIY possum prevention tip is to install chimney caps as they act as a barrier to possum entry as well as to other wildlife creatures. There are weather-resistant and durable chimney caps made from stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper and aluminium. In addition to this, there are also powder-coated steel and mesh material chimney caps. So, install a chimney cap by choosing materials based on your budget and requirements. However, there’s a standard procedure on how to install chimney caps to seal possum entry points, which is as follows:

  1. Choosing the right chimney cap
  2. Measure the opening of the chimney 
  3. Purchase a chimney cap based on your requirement
  4. Access the roof thoroughly 
  5. Inspect the chimney
  6. Positioning and securing of the chimney cap
  7. Check for proper ventilation 
  8. Regular maintenance

Securing The Vents 

Vents are also a way for possums to intrude on your private place called home and securing vents should be done as soon as possible. So, materials that are chewing-resistant and durable should be used for this DIY possum control at home. Some of the common materials that are easily available to secure vents are hardware cloth, plastic vent covers, and meshes like stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and copper. You can choose any of the mentioned materials to proceed with the following procedure for securing the vents: 

  1. Measure vent size opening
  2. Purchase the material
  3. Take safety precautions- Having a stable ladder 
  4. Clean the vent 
  5. Cut the material and attach it to the vent
  6. Secure edges
  7. Check for proper ventilation and do regular maintenance. 

Close Gaps In Roof & Attic

Possums get into your property through gaps in the roof and attic and you need to use appropriate materials to close those gaps. So, start the process of closing gaps in the roof and attic by taking safety measures like using a sturdy ladder and safety equipment. Then, examine the gaps in the attic and roof by paying extra attention to areas around chimneys, vents and all those places where roofs meet walls. Select appropriate materials that are weather-resistant, possum-proof and durable to seal gaps, making it a physical barrier for possums. Later, measure and cut the chosen material slightly larger than the gap size and attach it to the roof and attic with gaps using nails and screws. The last step is to seal the edges using additional fasteners or sealants and inspect the treated area thoroughly. 

Trim Tree Branches & Shrubs 

Trees in your garden or around your property are easy access to possums, making your place an easy target for their food and shelter sources. So, all you have to do to discourage possum entry into your home is to trim down tree branches by identifying the overhanging branches. Also, trim the shrubs that are in closer proximity to your property as this gives quick access for outdoor possums to enter your indoors. Then, dispose of all the trimmed branches and shrubs or you can even use them as a compost or mulch. Hence, by taking the potential chances of possum entry, you are sealing their entry altogether. Thus, keep pruning regularly. 


By implementing these ways to seal possum entry points, you are creating a proactive and defensive barrier to your place. In fact, regular possum inspection also helps you greatly as you can quickly identify the entry points of possums and seal them accordingly. All the different approaches we mentioned to seal the entry points of possums ensure effectiveness over time and are also the best preventive measures. Thus, consider one or more of our ways to seal different areas of your property. Moreover, you can get in touch with licensed experts for possum removal without harm as a safe option.