What Are Possum Traps And Where To Buy Possum Traps?

What Are Possum Traps And Where To Buy Possum Traps?

Possum traps are used to catch the possums. They are made up of a mesh that is made up of steel. It contains a spring-activated door with a foot treadle or a spiral bait holder. This box is very useful for catching all kinds of possums. There are many other types of traps too. You have to place bait in the possum traps to attract the possums in them. This helps in catching the possums without even causing any problems for them. You can catch the possums using the traps and release them in a safe place, far away from your house. Read on to know more in detail about possum traps and where to buy possum traps. 

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Where Can You Buy The Possum Traps?

You can buy the possum traps online or you can also get them in general stores. You can follow the expert’s advice while choosing the possum traps. Make sure the trap is of good quality so the possum cannot escape once it gets trapped in it. It should be at least 19 mm in size and thick enough for the possum. You need to keep these things in your mind before buying a possum trap from any store. 

Some Facts About Possums

Noticing signs of possum infestation. They are nocturnal marsupials. Possums can appear cute and furry, but they are real troublemakers. Besides spreading threatening diseases, these pesky pests put your roof, backyard and garden at risk. They can scratch and make entry holes in your home. You may hear the sounds of their footsteps or their growling sounds and see urine stains on the walls. Since Possums are advantageous for the ecosystem and an iconic part of Australia, killing and hurting the animals are against the state norms.

How To Use Possum Traps?

There are many types of possum traps and you can use them to catch the possums. Use the following steps to catch the possums. 

Step 1- Buy The Possum Traps- It is important to buy a good quality possum trap from the market. You will surely get many options, always choose the best one. You will easily get the possum traps from hardware stores in the market.  

Step 2- Place The Possum Traps- Once you buy the trap, you must first place a bait in the trap and then place it where the possums come regularly. Possums are mainly found in places where there is the availability of food and other sources for their survival. You can find possums on the roof of your house or in the store room of your house. You can place the possum traps in the middle of the area where the possums are found frequently.

Step 3- Relocate The Possums- When you place the trap, possums will get caught in them and when they are caught you can relocate them to a new place. You can ask the forestry department to know the best place where you can release the possums. You must take care of the safety gear before releasing the possums. You should wear gloves and cover the trap with a blanket. This will ensure that the possum will not cause you any harm or bite you. Now you can relocate the possum to a safe place.

You Can Hire Professional Possum Removal Services To Keep Possums Away

If you are not in the mood to buy possums traps and place them for catching possums, then you can hire professional pest control experts to get rid of all kinds of possums. They can help you in many ways such as getting rid of pests as well as providing a hygienic environment. You can book professional possum catchers from 711 Possum Removal Melbourne. We have all the top-quality tools available in the market. With the help of these tools, we can remove all types of possums. Our pest control team is highly professional and hard-working. Give us a call now at 03 4050 7972 and get your service booked.