How To Get A Possum Out Of Your House?

How To Get A Possum Out Of Your House?

People often get confused between possums and rats. Possums are notorious pests that can cause so many problems in your house. If you find any possums in your house, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. Possums usually can climb through the exterior of your house and can damage a lot of other things in your house. You can hire professional pest controllers to get rid of the possums or you can also use DIY methods to get rid of the possums. To know in detail about how to get a possum out of your house, read the blog carefully. 

How To Get A Possum Out Of Your House

Options You Have For Possum Removal From Your House

Use Chemical Repellents

There are many types of chemical repellents that are used to get rid of possums from the house. Possum repellents are readily available in many hardware stores. These possum repellents contain certain chemicals which are not liked by the possums. This is one of the reasons why possum repellents are necessary. You can also use homemade possum repellents. These include crushed garlic, mothballs and camphor. These homemade repellents have a strong odour that helps in repelling the possums from your house. You can place them wherever you find possums in your house. 

Use Electronic Repellents

These are also useful in preventing the possums from getting into your house. Electronic repellents include motion-activated sprinklers which are either used with sound or lights. Using them with lights is more effective in getting rid of them. Electronic repellents are not dangerous for the possums or humans but they are effective in scaring away the possums from your house. This is one of the ways to get a possum out of your home. 

Using A Trap

This is the most common method to get rid of possums from your house. You can use these steps to get rid of the possums with the help of a trap. 

  • Step 1- Buy The Trap- To catch the possum, it is important to have a trap first. It would be best if you bought a good quality trap. There are many many good quality possum traps available in the market, make sure you choose the best one. 
  • Step 2- Place The Trap- Once you buy a trap you can place the trap at the centre of the area where the possums are present in more numbers. Mainly possums are found on the roof or in the basement of your house. You should also place bait in the trap to catch the possum. 
  • Step 3- Relocate The Possum- Once the possum gets trapped, you should relocate them to a new place. You must wear safety gloves and cover the trap with a blanket. Now you can relocate it to a place far from your house. You can also take advice from the forestry department to get information about the best place to release the possum. 

Hire Professionals – Save Possums And Yourself

There are many reasons to hire professional humane possum removal services or a pest control company. They know the best ways to get rid of all kinds of pests in your house. Sometimes you might find it difficult to get rid of the possums, you can hire professionals to do it. They have all the tools and techniques that are useful for removing the possums from your house. 

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