How To Make A Possum Box At Home

How To Make A Possum Box At Home

Possums are clever creatures. Once they enter your property they can make a huge mess. Due to favourable scents, the possum tries to enter the property. Moreover, due to loss of habitat, and in search of a new home, they may enter your home. Once they enter, they try to make their comfortable place in the chimney holes, drainage pipes, rooftops, garage, backyard, beneath the sheds, and much more. 

In case the possum has entered your house then here are the few steps through which you can be sure that the possum won’t enter your house. The answer to keeping possums away from your living is a possum box. You can always hire the same day possum removal company or you can learn how to make a possum box at home. Giving them their place to stay will never let possums leave it and disturb your personal space. Though, possums are crazy animals. But the chances of entering would be minimised.

Make a Possum Box at Home

9 Simple Steps On How To Make A Possum Box At Home:

  1. Use thick timber to create a nest. It should be at least 10 to 12 mm thick. The timelike untreated pine can be used for making nests.
  2. Join the timber with help of PVC waterproof glue and galvanised nails.
  3. The lid of the nest should be overhung on the front (10-12cm) and sides(1-1.5 cm) so that the chance of rain entering is reduced. 
  4. You may hang the nest from the back with the help of a rubber strip and a car tube.
  5. On the bottom of the nest make small holes so that cross-ventilation may take place. Moreover, you can also keep dry leaves and the outer shell of the coconut in it.
  6. Adding a chicken wire mesh in the nest also makes possums stay in it for a long time. Possums are naughty creatures. They can never be seen in the stabilised form. Therefore, chicken mesh inside the nest is a good add-up. They keep on climbing in and out. 
  7. The outer surface area of the nest can be painted with non-toxic, waterproof paint so that the shelf life of the nest increases. Use of the natural colour for painting the nest should be done so that possums may get attracted.
  8. Hang the possum nest above the ground. The height should be 3-4 metres above. You can use thick chains or wires to secure the box. Moreover, you can also take the help of tree bushes to increase the strength of the possum box.
  9. Secure the bottom of the possum box with the tree stem. You can also use the galvanised strap for the metal and nails to give solid support to the nest.


The possum box should be kept in a place where direct sunlight may not reach. Possums love dark places. Similar boxes can also be used for the birds. Relocating the possum from the area of their stay generally leads to their death. Therefore to avoid such uncertainty, create a possum box and keep it outside your lawn so that the possum may not enter your property.

Tips To Prevent Possums From Entering Your Property

Below are the few things that attract possums to enter your home.

  • You may put a fence around your lawn, or backyard. Fences should be a minimum of 4 inches in height.
  • Use of motion-activated sprinklers or lights can be done to keep the possums away from the house.
  • Clean the lawn, front, and backyard of your home regularly. 
  • Cut the extra bushes; trim the plants, and other debris.
  • Pick all the fallen fruits before they get rotten on the lawn.
  • Fill all the cracks, holes, and another narrow opening for entering the house.
  • Keep a fine mesh over the drainage pipes and secure the inlet of the possum entry.
  • Garbage should be disposed of in tight-lid containers.
  • Pet food should not be left openly.

To Conclude

We hope you got an answer to the question “how to make a possum box at home?” Follow the above-mentioned instructions and your possum box will be ready to put to use. In case you need professional advice, you can call a professional possum catcher and get your place treated for possums. As well as experts can help you place and make the possum box the right way!