Types Of Possums That Can Get In Your Australian Home

Types Of Possums That Can Get In Your Australian Home

Possums are very common in Australia. Moreover, there are many different species of Possums. Also, they are infamous for breaking into private homes at night. Firstly, possums have big eyes, making it easier for them to see at night time. Secondly, this also helps them avoid threats like owls, pythons and importantly, humans. These possums settle down on residential and commercial rooftops. Therefore, their main entry point to our property are trees and drainage pipes. Hence, professional possum removal is a must to remove them. There are several types Of possums that can get in your Australian home. Some of the most common species of possums found in Australian homes are:-

remove possum-form your australian home
remove possum-form your australian home

The Common Brushtail Possum

The common brushtail possum belongs to the family Phalangeridae. It is one of the different types of possums that can get in your Australian home. Trichosurus Vulpecular, its Greek name, translates to “the fuzzy-tailed tiny fox.” This is because of the fuzzy tail. Importantly, the common brushtail possum is the second largest species of possum in Australia. Having a size similar to a domesticated cat. The brushtail possum resides in any type of environment. Moreover, it can be found in the eucalyptus trees of North Australia, which are deep into the tropical rainforest.

The Common Ringtail Possum

The common Ringtail Possum’s Latin name is Pseudocherius Peregrinus. Which translates to “false hand pilgrim”. Importantly, this possum can be found in a variety of habitats. Possums feed on fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs widely across the country. Moreover, they are commonly seen on trees. In trees, they make their home in the hollows or may sometime build nests called dreys. Ringtail possums are usually sociable and live in groups.

They got their name due to the circular tail or prehensile tail. Importantly, this helps them grab branches. As a result, possums are highly skilled in climbing trees. Like some mammals, the mother carries the young ones in a pouch on the belly. Ringtail possums are usually grey with a white spot at the end of their tail.

Honey Possum

These possums usually eat flowers and nectar. They are usually found in South-west Australia. These possums make their nests on trees and are smaller in size compared to other species. Also, they don’t have sharp claws. Moreover, Honey possums are sociable creatures and live in groups.

The Mountain Brushtail Possum

The scientific name of this species is Trichosurus Cunningham. Importantly, as the possum has small ears, it is commonly knowns as Short-eared Possum. Moreover, the possum has two layers of fur to keep it safe from rainfall and surroundings. The inner layer is white whereas, the outer fur is grey. Short-eared or Mountain brushtail possums are commonly found in rainforests and like most possums, live in hollows of trees. Since they have long black tails, it helps them to climb trees easily. Their common food is herbs, fungi, buds and fruits found in the forest.

Leadbeater’s Possum

The scientific name of this possum is Gymnobelideus Leadbeater. They are commonly known as fairy possums. Therefore, they are currently highly endangered species. Their natural habitat is rainforests. And they reside on the tallest trees. Moreover, like some other possum species, they also have circular tails. This helps them navigate through tall trees in the rainforest. 

These possums don’t live in groups. But rather they live in monogamous pairs. They usually give birth to young ones twice every year. Moreover, they live in nests on trees and come out only at night due to their tendency to see at the night. Leadbeater possums are carnivorous and feed on spiders, beetles, crickets and small insects for their protein needs. They have thick grey fur with pointy ears.

Stripped Possum

Stripped possum got their name from their looks, having white and black stripes over their fur. Their scientific name is Dactylopsila Trivirgata. Like other possums, Stripped possums spend most of their time on trees. Importantly, their main source of nutrition is bugs, insects, pollen, flowers and even honey from the native bees. Moreover, these possums have sharp claws which help them to climb trees easily. Also, they have sharp teeth which help them find insects in the tree bark easily. Stripped possums have a foul musky smell. The source of the smell needs to be clarified. Therefore it’s related to their evolution over time to keep them safe from threats. These possums also make a high-pitched growling noise. Importantly, Stripped possums are lonely creatures and usually stay alone.

Rock Ringtail Possums

 Also known as rock-haunting ringtail possums, these possums usually reside on rocks. Moreover, they reside in Northern and Western Australia. This species of possum has the shortest tail among all others. They have reddish-grey fur covering a pale grey underfur. As these possums live on rocks, they have short legs and tails. This helps them move more swiftly around the cracks in the rock. Rock ringtail possums are sociable and live in groups. They are night creatures and rarely come out in the day. Although, they live around and on rocks, they climb trees to find food. They are herbivorous and only feed on leaves.

To Conclude

Above mentioned are the types of possums that can get in your Australian home. Possums are nocturnal pests that reside in Australia. They cause extensive damage to the property. Also, they can be a threat to human health. Pest control companies can help you with possum removal services in Australia. As pest professionals are aware of the types of possums that can get in your Australian home. They will also relocate the possums to a safer place. Therefore, always contact a possum removal company for possum infestation.